Trade Secrets 101: Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets from Walking Out the Door

Practical Steps in Protecting Valuable Trade Secrets
from Unauthorized Disclosure and Access

noncompeteTrade secrets are one of the most valuable elements of the business, and can wreak havoc if permitted to fall into the wrong hands, or worse, allowed to walk out the door. […]

Top Legal Issues and Deal-Making Tips for Negotiating an Artist-Management Agreement for Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Music Bands, Groups, and Recording Artists


Let’s face it – the music industry is one of the hardest to break into. Each year, thousands of musicians, songwriters, singers, bands, and recording artists make the decision to try to take their passion and talent beyond a hobby and turn music into […]

Does your Company Need to Obtain Foreign Qualification To Do Business in California?

Ken Lund / / CC BY-SA Ken Lund / / CC BY-SA

Many business owners form new business entities in states like Delaware or Nevada thinking that they will save taxes or fees by incorporating those states, even though they are doing […]

Business Tax Calculator – Sole Proprietorship vs C Corp vs S Corp vs LLC

Could Forming an LLC, S Corp,
or C Corp Save You Business Taxes?

36388728_mOne of the top questions that clients ask is for real life example of how switching to a C Corp,  S corporation, or LLC could benefit them from a […]

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How to Start a Tattoo Shop in California – Help and Tips for New Tattoo Shop Owners

Photo credit: Stuck in Customs / / CC BY-NC-SA Photo credit: Stuck in Customs  CC BY-NC-SA

Are you thinking about starting a tattoo shop in California and looking for some tips on the legal requirements for operating your new tattoo shop […]

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