Steps to Dissolve Corporation in California

man writingDissolving a Corporation in California does not have to be a painful process. To dissolve a corporation, certain steps must be followed so that the Corporation is authorized to dissolve, and once those steps have been met, the Corporation is generally permitted […]

Easy Document Retention Guidelines for California Businesses

filesThe Internet is full of sample schedules, policies, and guidelines for document retention. The problem is knowing which are accurate, out-of-date, and most importantly, which comply with California guidelines. Furthermore, because there are so many state and federal laws governing how long […]

Sample Reasonable Accomodation Checklist for California Employers

There is no “one size fits all” procedure for handling a request for reasonable accommodations by an employee. If the employer is government-affiliated, or has union employees, the procedures will be completely different and subject to those procedures. For private employers who need […]

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