Top Tax Savings Tips When Paying Yourself as a Business Owner

How Should You be Paying Yourself as a Business Owner
to Reduce Your and Your Business’s Overall Tax Obligations?

Our Guide Breaks Down the Details 

Probably the most frequent question that small business owners […]

Does your Company Need to Obtain Foreign Qualification To Do Business in California?

Ken Lund / / CC BY-SA Ken Lund / / CC BY-SA

Many business owners form new business entities in states like Delaware or Nevada thinking that they will save taxes or fees by incorporating those states, even though they are doing […]

Steps to Dissolve Corporation in California

man writingDissolving a Corporation in California does not have to be a painful process. To dissolve a corporation, certain steps must be followed so that the Corporation is authorized to dissolve, and once those steps have been met, the Corporation is generally permitted […]

Can a California Corporation Do Business in Nevada to Save on Taxes or Fees?

Owners of a California corporation may wonder from time to time wonder whether it would be cheaper or save money on taxes or fees by doing business in Nevada instead of California. These days it seems easy to do business in any state or […]

International Entrepreneurs: Can a Foreign Non-Citizen be a Founder of a New U.S. Startup?

foreignCalifornia is home to the top two startup ecosystems in the world, Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles metro area.  Each year, thousands of foreign founders, entrepreneurs, and investors look for opportunities to participate in new California startups.

One of the top questions […]

Does a Single Owner Corporation, C, Corp, S Corp or LLC Need to Have Annual Meetings of Shareholders and Directors?

If your business is owned by a single person, and does not have multiple owners or shareholders, do not fret – the majority of small businesses are single-owner businesses. Many single-owner businesses wonder whether they need to comply with the annual meeting, notice, and filing requirements. The answer is generally yes.

Complying […]

Why Incorporate in Delaware? Tips for your Startup or Business

As inescapable as the “incorporate in Delaware” mantra seems to be, few entrepreneurs and startups  actually know why Delaware is a favorable state of incorporation for new businesses. Moreover, for founders who are not sure whether they actually need to incorporate in Delaware, this article is intended to give an explanation […]

Corporation Pre-Formation Checklist

Select name. Check with Secretary of State on availability of name and reserve it with Secretary of State. See Corp C §201(c). Prepare articles. Obtain approval, if necessary, from appropriate licensing board for use of fictitious business name. Prepare bylaws. Have incorporator(s) and named first director(s), if any, sign articles. Have signature(s) […]

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