Thinking of Hiring an Influencer to Help Promote Your Business or its Products and Services? Here’s What Your Influencer Agreement Should Look Like:

Hiring an influencer can be a very effective marketing strategy depending on your business. Getting a social media celebrity involved in your company’s business development goals isn’t just for large blue-chip companies anymore. This strategy can actually deliver a return on investment for […]

A Major National Retailer Has Stolen Your Work, and You’ve Become a Victim of Copyright Infringement: What Do You Do Now?

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What you do when a major national department store engages in corporate theft and takes all of your art designs, decides to commercialize your work, without your knowledge, and then makes a ton of money selling its own products?

Just […]

Top 10 Must-Know Tips for Negotiating Your Publishing Agreement for Authors and Writers 

cityIf you are an author or writer, and have been approached with a publishing agreement by a publisher, literary agent, or other publishing company, then congratulations – you’ve accomplished what  every writer aspires to achieve, and could be facing one of the most […]

Top Legal Issues and Deal-Making Tips for Negotiating an Artist-Management Agreement for Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Music Bands, Groups, and Recording Artists


Let’s face it – the music industry is one of the hardest to break into. Each year, thousands of musicians, songwriters, singers, bands, and recording artists make the decision to try to take their passion and talent beyond a hobby and turn music into […]

Overview of Copyrighting a New Work of Authorship

copyrightAre you thinking about copywriting a new work of authorship? If yes, congratulations –  it means that you are or are working with a gifted individual in the fields of writing, arts, video, sound, music, Digital media, or others, and are talented enough […]

Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles – Where to Look and How to Find One

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[title size=”1″] Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles[/title]

Where to Look and How to Find One ?

AXIS Legal Counsel’s Entertainment Practice is designed to provide clients in California with reliable legal advise […]

Screenwriters’ Dealmaking Tips for Negotiating a Screenplay for a Film and Television Option/Purchase Agreement

Tips for Selling your Screenplay to Producers or Studios
by Los Angeles Film and Entertainment Lawyer Rabeh Soofi 

freeimage-4533348-webBreaking into the TV/Film industry by successfully selling a screenplay is no joke.  With all of the time and effort it takes to develop, […]

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