Film Production Law: A Legal Guide for Filmmakers and Film Producers for Short Films, Feature Films and Film Projects

Congratulations! After years of studying film techniques, cinematography and the  history of film,  you are ready to produce your own short film, feature film or other film project.  Aside from all of the logistics and creative steps you must take to turn an idea into a film ready to distribute, there […]

Screenwriters’ Dealmaking Tips for Negotiating a Screenplay for a Film and Television Option/Purchase Agreement

Tips for Selling your Screenplay to Producers or Studios
by Los Angeles Film and Entertainment Lawyer Rabeh Soofi 

freeimage-4533348-webBreaking into the TV/Film industry by successfully selling a screenplay is no joke.  With all of the time and effort it takes to develop, […]

How to Legally Sample Music

Overview of the Music Sampling Process
and Tips for Success in Getting Sample Clearances 

How to avoid copyright infringement claims when sampling music. Photo Credit: Robin Thicke/Pharrell Williams.

Every musician, musical act, or performer gets their start performing […]

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