Top Legal Issues and Deal-Making Tips for Negotiating an Artist-Management Agreement for Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Music Bands, Groups, and Recording Artists


Let’s face it – the music industry is one of the hardest to break into. Each year, thousands of musicians, songwriters, singers, bands, and recording artists make the decision to try to take their passion and talent beyond a hobby and turn music into […]

How to Legally Sample Music

Overview of the Music Sampling Process
and Tips for Success in Getting Sample Clearances 

How to avoid copyright infringement claims when sampling music. Photo Credit: Robin Thicke/Pharrell Williams.

Every musician, musical act, or performer gets their start performing […]

Starting a Band – What are the Legal Issues?

Starting a band can be an exciting adventure.  However, if your bands wants to make money professionally,  there is more to think about other than simply making music.  Having discussions about how the business is to be conducted while everyone is getting along will help establish the responsibilities of each band […]

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