Trade Secrets 101: Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets from Walking Out the Door

Practical Steps in Protecting Valuable Trade Secrets
from Unauthorized Disclosure and Access

noncompeteTrade secrets are one of the most valuable elements of the business, and can wreak havoc if permitted to fall into the wrong hands, or worse, allowed to walk out the door. […]

Can a Business Play Spotify or Pandora at Work? Is it Legal?

spotifyCan a business playing Spotify or Pandora at work get into trouble? Or is it legal? It seems like having music in the background of your business is essential, especially a customer focused business like a coffee shop or clothing store. It’s more […]

Top 5 Things All Small Business Owners Should Discuss with Their Lawyers

officemtgRunning a business in California is not easy. With a myriad of laws regulating labor, intellectual property, tax, operations, and administration, sometimes it can make business owners feel as though they are walking a thin tightrope trying not to lose balance and […]

Overview of Intellectual Property Protections for Business Products & Services

compWhen it comes to intellectual property, businesses can have a blind spot: protecting their most valuable assets through intellectual property protections.

Unfortunately, many businesses realize the problem of leaving their assets uncovered when a competitor starts using a name, product, or packaging very […]

Help! A New Competitor has Stolen our Company’s Name…How Do We Stop Them from Using the Same Name?

rose“A rose, by any other name, would smell just as sweet,” crooned star-crossed Romeo to Juliet in the memorable line from the play.

But it would definitely not be sweet would be to wake up  to ads by a new competitor that is using a […]

Patent Primer for Startups and Businesses

uspto officesIf your business venture or startup involves an innovative process or design that is capable of being patented, you will want to make sure you fully understand the patent process and take steps to patent your invention pretty quickly.  Patent laws in the U.S. bar […]

Patent, Trademark, Copyright – What Kind of Protection Does Your Startup Need?

harddirveStartups are called “startups” for a reason – they almost always involve a new product, invention, technology, product, good, or other service that is not already in the marketplace. New ideas and inventions are a great foundation to a new startup – but […]

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