Estate-Planning: Why the First Step is the Hardest Step

BabyPlanningYou know you need a Will or Trust.  But you’ve been putting it off for too long to remember.  With a spouse, aging parents, children from a current or earlier marriage,  siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, and maybe other family members to think about, […]

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Basic Will Guide and Overview

1. What happens if I die without a Will? If you die without a Will, what you own (your “assets”) in your name alone will be divided among your spouse, domestic partner, children, or other relatives according to state law. The court will appoint a relative to collect and distribute your assets. 2. […]

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What is a Trust? Preparing a Living Trust in California

A Living Trust is a written legal document that partially substitutes for a will. With a living trust, your assets (your home, bank accounts and stocks, for example) are put into the trust, administered for your benefit during your lifetime, and then transferred to your beneficiaries when you die. Most people name […]

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