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Keurigs, Kindergarteners, and a Startup

Axis recently donated to the Pine Ridge Elementary School in Stone Mountain, Georgia, to help purchase the equipment needed for Ms. Woods’ kindergarten class to practice entrepreneurship.  Pretty amazing goals!

Pine Ridge Elementary is in a low-income/poverty school district, and its students are bombarded with challenges that interfere with some progress in the classroom. However,  regardless of what life throws at them, they come ready to learn.



From Ms. Woods: 

My Project

My students are talented, fun, and very creative with their hands.

I am greeted with a hug which, in turn, validates the reason why I accepted this position. I recognize their good works and acknowledge their presence from the moment they enter the room. If I could express more about my students, I would say that I am privileged and honored to teach each one of them.

The students actually inspired me to complete this project. The reason for the project was to make a change that would impact instruction for my students.

My students need opportunities to experience positive interactions and practice with money in the school. In addition, students need to understand the importance of saving and investing their money. The students wanted to help their fellow classmates and teachers in the building raise funds for family fun days. The choice was to sell coffee and make smoothies during holidays, parent teacher conferences, and literacy days.

We need a Keurig Brewing system, k-cups, and three Ninja Bullets.

I believe that this project will enable my students to learn the value of money and why it is important to think about the future. I like the fact that my students want to know how to spend and save their money for the future. Not only that, my students are always thinking of ways to raise money for great causes for the school. I am very proud of my little entrepreneurs.

We didn’t think there was any reason these young founders shouldn’t start learning about entrepreneurship, even at their very young age, so it was our pleasure to help get them the equipment they needed!