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Axis Legal Counsel Counsels Heir in Entertainment Royalties Dispute Involving Major Record Label Artist

An heir to entertainment royalties involving a major record label artist has consulted with Axis Legal Counsel in connection with the heir’s legal claims and interest in the estate’s assets.

Axis Legal Counsel represents numerous types of entertainment clients across the country  in entertainment negotiations, opportunities, deals, and disputes. Whether it is agents, managers, talent, musicians, artists, visual artists, producers, filmmakers, directors, photographers, actors/actresses, models, writers, authors, filmmakers, composers, television, singers, songwriters, publishers, or technical talent, Axis Legal Counsel offers strong representation to all those within the entertainment industry.

Axis Legal Counsel also represents clients in numerous kind of Will, Trust, Estate, and Probate matters.  Axis also represents clients in probate disputes, including estate / trust litigation, will contests, failures to diversify, or improper holding of assets, breaches of fiduciary duty, estate mismanagement, fraud, duress, undue influence, fraudulent / false / altered wills, beneficiary claims, improper trust administration, petitions to determine heirship, beneficiary rights, and numerous related matters.

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