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Ancient Egypt Books for Mrs. Ratchford’s Elementary Class

Axis recently donated to Mrs. Ratchford’s elementary school class, located in Tennessee, to help purchase books about Ancient Egypt.

The students have limited resources to learn about new material, with only two out-of-date computers in their classroom.

The students are from a neighborhood that is diverse. Over 75% of our students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.




From Mrs. Ratchford:

My Project

My students are studying Ancient Egypt. We will read Tut Tut as a class. We will discuss the civilization of Ancient Egypt. We will learn about the Great Pyramids and the Nile River. We will learn about hieroglyphics and daily life. We will learn about important symbols, food, and religion.

Students will use the Ancient Egypt nonfiction texts to complete a culminating research project at the end of the unit.Students will present their findings in a class museum filled with kid-created artifacts, posters, and dioramas. Students will visit an Egyptology Museum and get an up close and personal look at a real mummy. These books will help the history of Ancient Egypt come alive for my students!

Learning about ancient Egypt is always one of the highlights for students in any elementary class, and we were thrilled to help these kids learn more about King Tut, the Great Pyramids, and all of the other great lore.   Mrs. Ratchford posted photos of the kids, and they are reading, having fun, and enjoying being silly.