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New School Supplies for South Carolina Elementary Schoolkids

Could you imagine going to school without pencils, glue sticks, paper, or markers? Unfortunately, Mrs. Burns’ elementary school in Gray Court, South Carolina, needed all the resources and support it could get. The school is a small, Title I rural school, with not an abundance of materials or the best homes.

They needed basic school supplies to help them with all curriculum activities.




From Mrs. Burns:

My Project

My students need to have the basic school supplies fully stocked in the classroom. Students should not have to have the extra worry of not having something as simple as a pencil.

We need basic supplies like; pencils, glue sticks, a working pencil sharpener, paper and markers in order to use note-booking in all curriculum areas!

Not only do we need pencils for writing, but we need the other supplies in order for students to be able to be creative and learn. Currently we use notebooks in all subjects. This requires copies for students to cut out, manipulate, and glue. We already have a class set of small white boards, but we are down to only a couple of working markers! Students enjoy working on the boards individually and in pairs. The boards also allow us to play Jeopardy style games as review.



It’s hard to believe that these very basic requests were needed by these lovely kids. Mrs. Burns reports that they were astonished that so many people wanted to help them succeed by donating to their cause.

It was our pleasure to help get them the supplies they needed so they could focus on being kids and learning, rather than worrying about what they did not have.