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Axis Retained in LLC Dispute

Axis Legal Counsel has been hired by the members of a California LLC concerning an LLC dispute.  AXIS Legal Counsel represents clients in numerous types of business litigation disputes, lawsuits, and claims. AXIS offers representation to numerous clients involved with business litigation, including corporations, LLPs, LLCs, partnerships, and their  CEOs, presidents, executive directors, developers, entrepreneurs, founders, owners, start-ups, investors, partners, directors, employees, and numerous others, in numerous business disputes and disagreements.   AXIS assists clients with breaches of contract, business torts, breaches of fiduciary duty, competitive business practices, complex litigation, contract disputes, defamation/slander, online reputational damage, partnership disputes, real estate litigation, services contracts, supply/distribution disputes, shareholder claims, trade secret litigation, non-solicits, non-competes, patent litigation, trademark litigation, and numerous other types of disputes. Axis’ managing attorney Rabeh M. A. Soofi is ranked as one of the “Top Women Lawyers of Southern California” by SuperLawyers, and is a Los Angeles corporate / business lawyer representing businesses in business disputes throughout Los Angeles and California.

For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent your company in  a business dispute, contact [email protected] or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation, or visit our Business Disputes & Litigation Practice Area or  Business & Startups Portal for additional information.