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Does a Delaware Corporation or LLC Have to Make Annual Filings in California?

If your business is a Delaware C Corp., S Corp., or LLC, you may be wondering whether you need to comply with California annual corporate filing requirements. If you are doing any business in California, or are admitted on foreign qualification to California, the answer will most likely be “yes.”

If you are a Delaware company that has received qualification to do business in California as a foreign entity, then you will need to comply with the annual corporate requirements of both states (and any other states in which your business is admitted).

In addition, you should review your business’s activities to determine whether you should get qualified to do business in California, if you are not already admitted. Doing business in California will consist of any of these activities:

  • Having employees in California
  • Having a storefront, retail operations, lease, office, etc. in California
  • Paying taxes in California
  • Making income in California
  • Any other business activity that avails your business of the benefits of the state of California

Shipping products to individuals in California only does not necessarily require that you become domesticated to do business in California, but if you need a clear answer on this, give AXIS a call and we can discuss your business’s unique circumstances and situation with you.

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