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New Indoor Recess Games for Indiana Students

Brrr! Those Indiana winters can be cold and not very much fun during recess!  Axis recently helped purchase indoor recess games for Mrs. Wehmeier’s elementary students in Indiana.

Mrs. Wehmeier’s class is near the Indianapolis, Indiana area, as a charter school under the Indiana Department of Education, and is categorized in an area of  “Highest Poverty.”





From Mrs. Wehmeier:

My Project

My students are amazing kids and I am thankful to be around them everyday. I have visited every one of my students’ homes and know where they come from. Even though they struggle with things I cannot imagine going through as an adult, each student comes to school with a smiling face ready to learn and break the cycle of poverty. My school goes above and beyond for these students and I am proud to be a part of it. We provide meals, clothes, extra curricular activities and before and after school care for parents.

Students will be able to use these games during indoor recess. Students need this time to relax and have social interactions with their peers. We can even make some of these games educational for the students to use as a reward for working hard.

By having these games available to students, they learn to have appropriate interactions with peers, learn to problem solves and learn how to have good sportsmanship.

My students miss out on playing board games at home with family due to busy schedules or technology. Students will benefit from having actual games they can play in class during the many cold and rainy days.


We had good news to share with the chilly Indiana schoolkids, which was, their indoor recess games was fully funded and on the way. Mrs. Wehmeier reports all 30 kids are happy, having fun, and staying warm through the winter.