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Billing Terms and Conditions

By using our website, services, and all content in any way related thereto, specifically including informational posts, forms, downloads, forms, samples, templates, and/or other content, or any other type of content available online (collectively “Site”),  you (including your agents, representatives, employers, affiliated entities, managers, members, directors, officers, attorneys, insurers, successors, assigns, and subrogees) (collectively, “You” or “Your”) agree to the following Billing Terms and Conditions. Should You disagree with any of the terms and conditions presented here, please do not retain us (Axis Legal Counsel Professional Corporation  (“Axis” or “the Firm”)) as these Billing Terms and Conditions (or “Billing Terms”) will apply to all legal services we provide to clients.   These Billing Terms are subject to and in addition to Your Attorney-Client Agreement with Axis as well as our Website’s Terms of Service.

Common Cost Items. For a schedule of common cost items, please click here:

Statements/Billing Narratives for Flat-Fee Matters.  For all task-based or flat-fee projects, You will receive an automatically-generated receipt emailed to You at the time of your deposit, in connection with your deposit, which shall be the statement for our Services. In the event you engage the firm for a flat-fee matter and make a deposit for the services to be provided, the receipt you receive at the time the deposit will be made will be the receipt for the flat-fee services to be provided. No additional detailed time narrative will be issued.

Statements/Billing Narratives for Hourly Services. For hourly services, we will provide a statement of the time/effort expended in connection with your matter.  The Firm does not provide itemized (i.e., task-based) time narratives, and does not categorize the legal services provided by task or type of task. The Firm’s statements for hourly services will be generally block-billed (i.e., without specific description of tasks provided on each occasion work is performed) unless additional detail is provided at the sole discretion and election of the Firm and/or the timekeeper(s) providing services on Your file.

Billing – Multiple Matters. Effective January 1, 2020, the firm will no longer be transferring or re-itemizing individual time narrative entries between multiple matters for the same client and issuing revised time narrative statements (detailed statements). If you are a client with multiple matters and time needs to be adjusted between various matters, (i.e., moved from one matter to another matter), you will receive revised summary statements of the correct matter totals only, and no revised detailed statements.

Last Updated: January 1, 2020 

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